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800 Coronavirus Recoveries Reported in Indiana’s Long Term Care Facilities

Posted Jun 15, 20203 min Read


800 Coronavirus Recoveries Reported in Indiana’s Long Term Care Facilities

COVID-19 recoveries of residents in long term care facilities are a testament to the heroic work of caregivers

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (June 15, 2020): The Indiana Health Care Association/Indiana Center for Assisted Living (IHCA/INCAL) is pleased to share that hundreds of residents are recovering from Coronavirus in Indiana’s nursing homes. According to the data reported by 140 long term care (LTC) facilities battling the virus, a total of 800 residents successfully recovered from COVID-19 during May 23-June 5, 2020.

IHCA/INCAL recently partnered with Hoosier Owners & providers for the Elderly (HOPE) and Indiana Assisted Living Association (INALA)  to launch a statewide LTC resident recovery data collection initiative aimed at providing a clearer picture of the COVID-19 status and highlight the positive results that we are seeing in the state’s LTC facilities. The resident recovery data is being collected on a weekly basis from all long term care facilities in Indiana with positive COVID-19 cases. Family members are encouraged to visit our dashboard at for more information. This dashboard is being updated on a weekly basis.

For months, caregivers in Indiana’s LTCs have made tremendous sacrifices in the midst of extremely challenging circumstances to continue providing the highest level of care for their residents. They have given up time with their families, worked extra shifts and put their lives on the line to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Thanks to their fearless and consistent efforts, more and more LTCs across the state are reporting recoveries of residents at their facilities.

“It’s never been more important to recognize that Hoosiers are surviving COVID-19, and the data we have collected from long term care facilities around the state is just a sample of those successes. These new numbers shed light on the incredible efforts of Indiana’s dedicated LTC workers who are caring for their residents despite all odds. These positive numbers are also a much-needed hope for families whose loved ones are in a nursing home.”

Zach Cattell, president of the IHCA/INCAL.

Long term care facilities across the state have taken extraordinary measures to protect an extremely vulnerable population. They have aggressively implemented safety and infection control procedures complying with the federal and state guidelines at every step since the beginning of the pandemic. They have also conducted comprehensive testing of the residents and staff and have maintained proactive communication with residents and families.

“The rate of recoveries is a reason for optimism, but the battle is not over. The deaths that have occurred in long term care facilities are tragic, but because of the fearless dedication of our heroic caregivers, the vast majority of residents who have tested positive for the virus have fully recovered, and we hope that the recovery trend continues to rise,” said Zach Cattell.

Indiana’s Long term care providers are encouraged to report resident recoveries taking place at their facilities by visiting



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