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Running for Office? IHCPAC Can Help


Working with Candidates

Indiana Health Care Association/Indiana Center for Assisted Living (IHCA/INCAL) is the largest long-term care association in the state, representing more than 500 long-term care communities that employ ~50,000 people who take care of about 50,000 elderly and vulnerable Hoosiers on a daily basis.

IHCA/INCAL and its Indiana Health Care Political Action Committee (IHCPAC) are extremely interested in working with candidates for state elected office to ensure elderly and vulnerable Hoosiers on Medicaid, Medicare and other plans have the quality of care they need.

IHCA/INCAL has a deeply vested interest in laws, regulations, and policies that affect the quality of life of residents in the health care system and the ability of health care operators to provide services to those in need. Health care touches every aspect of our economy and community from public health to workforce development to state and local taxation and more.

Our many members make voluntary contributions to our political action committee to help elect leaders who are committed to implementing policies that will support health care providers and patients of the health care system. In addition to financial support, IHCPAC offers public and internal endorsements and political/campaign support. Decisions to support candidates are made by IHCA/INCAL members serving on the IHCPAC Committee and are not based on party affiliation.

IHCPAC Interview and Endorsement Process

WHO WE ARE: IHCPAC is a statewide political action committee. The PAC primarily supports candidates seeking state and statewide offices such as state representative, state senator, governor and more.

WHAT WE SUPPORT: IHCPAC is non-partisan and supports candidates who will support residents of long-term care and long-term care operators without allegiance to any political party.

HOW WE GET INVOLVED: The IHCPAC Committee, made up of IHCPAC members, regularly monitors issues, candidates and political news. After the candidate filing deadline, IHCA/INCAL staff conduct outreach to candidates to complete a questionnaire and possible virtual interview.

Next Steps

We usually focus on candidates in contested races for the upcoming election. However, these are simply guidelines; IHCPAC has been actively involved in state and local elections in the past when circumstances dictate.

If you do not receive a mailing, it does not mean you are not welcome to request consideration. We welcome you to contact us about your candidacy and will make sure to consider the race and your candidacy.

Once the responses from candidates are back, the trustees will consider the races and decide which candidates to invite in for an interview.

IHCA/INCAL staff and committee members are committed to treating all candidates with respect and professionalism throughout the process.

Throughout the candidate review process, the committee will be evaluating candidates primarily on four categories:

  • Issues: What is the candidate’s position on issues of importance to IHCA/INCAL and its members?
  • Approachability: While we don’t expect candidates to agree with us on every issue, we look for candidates who recognize that long-term care residents and operators are important stakeholders and will welcome their input and opinions on health care issues as they arise.
  • Electability: The committee is the steward of the PAC contributions for IHCA/INCAL’s members, and they take the job seriously. While IHCPAC isn’t in the business of simply betting on the winner, we do want to see a viable campaign plan and have some assurance that any contribution will be put to good and effective use.
  • Integrity: Health care professionals hold themselves to the highest ethical, professional and regulatory standards. Our IHCPAC Committee understands that offering the industry’s endorsement lends credibility to the candidate, and we hope the candidate will live up to that standard as a candidate and as an elected official.

As soon as an action has been taken by the IHCPAC Committee in a candidate’s race, IHCA/INCAL staff will contact the candidate with the outcomes of the industry’s decision. This may be as soon as the same day or could take a few days depending on scheduling and discussions.


If you have questions or would like to seek support from IHCA/INCAL, please contact Nick Goodwin, IHCA/INCAL Director of Government Affairs, at