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Make Your Voice Heard

IHCPAC Makes a Difference

The Indiana Health Care Political Action Committee (IHCPAC) provides financial contributions to candidates running for seats for the Indiana House of Representatives, the Indiana Senate, and statewide offices. IHCPAC supports candidates who promote friendly public policy with the aim of improving care of thousands of residents across the state.

Supporting political candidates for public office provides IHCA/INCAL members and staff with critical access to the individuals that will make policy decisions that impact the senior living sector. The IHCPAC works to help make the voices of IHCA/INCAL members heard and encourages members to become involved in the political process.

Support Your Profession

Your contribution is an investment in long term care, your residents, and your facilities. The legislature and Governor will make policy decisions affecting nursing facilities and assisted living – we must be at the table.

Running a campaign has become very expensive.  Several recent legislative campaigns have cost over $1 million. Therefore, political activity in the form of campaign contributions is necessary to strengthen the relationships with our allies. These relationships help to ensure that we are at the table for every long term care discussion.

Indiana does have contribution limits for corporations C-Corp, S-Corp, and Professional Corporations.  There are no contribution limits on individuals, partnerships, LLCs, LLPs, sole proprietorship. 

How IHCPAC Engages

IHCPAC maximizes the effectiveness of contributions by hosting events – breakfasts, luncheons, and other events – where IHCA/INCAL members contribute directly to the legislator and participate in discussions. These meetings create a relaxed, focused and effective opportunity to educate policymakers.

The IHCPAC annually hosts fundraisers for:

  • The Senate Majority Leadership
  • The House Republican Campaign Committee
  • Caucus leadership and Public Health Committee members (specifically for assisted living providers)


The IHCPAC also regularly supports with IHCA/INCAL government affairs staff and members also attending:

  • More than 70 fundraisers for candidates of the Indiana General Assembly
  • Individual fundraisers for the Governor, Lt. Governor, and the Republican State Party
  • Fundraisers for the House Democratic Campaign Committee, Indiana Senate Democrats, Senate Majority Leadership, and House Republican Campaign Committee


IHCA/INCAL members are strongly encouraged to invite federal and state legislators to tour your facilities! These engagements are critical to them seeing our operations. Please coordinate with Nick Goodwin, director of government affairs for IHCA/INCAL, who will support your efforts and provide pertinent resources. The IHCPAC will be leveraged for these events to maximize the impact of the meetings.  

Support IHCPAC