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Nursing Facility Staff COVID-19 Testing Registration

Posted Jun 8, 20202 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

Earlier this evening, IHCA/INCAL received the registration link for the state’s COVID-19 testing effort of nursing facility staff:  Important dates and frequently asked questions regarding this testing effort throughout the month of June can be found here.

Employees must be registered through this registration link in advance of the date that the nursing facility will receive testing kits or onsite testing is conducted. A common error being reported is that when registering staff are not selecting the facility in the drop down selection menu.  Not selecting a facility causes delays in label creation when kits are onsite.  Please be sure to select a facility from this drop down:

Other important FAQs regarding registration can be found in ISDH’s LTC Newsletter from June 13, 2020, which can be found here.

To access the schedule for test kit distribution and pick-up, please click here. (This schedule has been updated as of 6/11/2020.)

To access the schedule for on-site testing, please click here.

Group registration is not available at this time, and employees must be registered individually. ISDH has inquired with Optum about a group registration process, but until then nursing facilities are encouraged to begin registering their staff and contract employees as soon as possible.

IHCA/INCAL has also learned that for those nursing facilities that selected the option of receiving testing kits directly, the state will need to print off labels for the testing kits upon their arrival.  The state has therefore asked for a point person to be available, as well as access to office space to print off those labels, when the drop-off team arrives.  Testing may begin while the labels are being printed.

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