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Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) – Video Meeting

Posted Jun 16, 20201 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

The Indiana state Department of Health (ISDH) has not been conducting Face-to-Face Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) meetings during this COVID-19 pandemic and will not be have Face-to-Face IDR meetings for the foreseeable future. Facilities that have requested Face-to-Face IDR during this pandemic have been contacted and offered the option of Paper Review IDR for quick resolution until meetings resume.

ISDH has now replaced Face-to-Face IDR meetings with virtual meetings using Microsoft Teams. Facilities that have requested Face-to -Face IDR will be contacted to schedule the virtual IDR meeting or choose paper review.

Going forward, when submitting Plans of Correction in the Survey Report System/Gateway, the IDR choices will be Paper Review IDR or the Video Meeting IDR (Face-to-Face option has been removed).

Information regarding Microsoft Teams and the Video Meetings is attached.

Please email questions to Suzanne Williams at or call 317-233-7651.