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Indiana Department of Health Provides PPE Shipment Details for the Week of October 25

Posted Oct 25, 20202 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

On October 25, 2020, the IHCA/INCAL received detailed information from the Indiana Department of Health (IDH) about the shipment of personal protective equipment (PPE) to Indiana’s long term care (LTC) facilities in an effort to support the recently updated PPE usage guidance.

Timing of Shipment

  • Indiana’s LTC facilities can expect to receive IDH’s PPE shipment during the next week.
  • Shipments are expected to begin on Monday, October 26 and continue through Friday, October 30.

Other Important Details

  • Shipments will include face shields, gowns, surgical masks, and N95 masks.
  • These shipments are based on staffing numbers at all LTC facilities and are intended to support appropriate use as defined by the CDC per the updated PPE guidelines published on October 21st.
  • Large distributions will be handled by Langham Logistics whereas smaller distributions will be sent through UPS.

Shipment Pallets

  • Shipment pallets are 48×42 and 50-60 inches tall.
  • Facilities with less than 50 employees will receive UPS packages or 1 pallet.
  • Facilities with 50 to 100 employees will receive approximately 1 pallet.
  • Facilities with more than 100 to 175 employees will receive approximately 2 pallets.
  • Facilities with 175 to 250 employees will receive approximately 4-4 ½ pallets.
  • The largest facilities encompassing over 250 facilities will receive shipments between 5 and 14 pallets of PPE.

Please click here to view the LTC facility allocation spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is arranged by the total number of employees in each facility.  Those facilities receiving shipments tomorrow (47 facilities in tier 4 and 21 in tier three) are highlighted in red. We will share more information with you as it becomes available.

Please contact Dan Rusyniak at with questions.