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Top Resident Tags for January 2019 and How to Prevent the Most Frequently Cited Ones

Posted Mar 3, 20191 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

The Indiana State Department of Heath conducted a total of 18 surveys and of those, seven (38.89%) were found to be deficiency-free. There were a total of 5 Offense tags cited, 33 Deficiency tags cited for a total of 38 residential tags for the month of January.

The following Offensive tags were cited:

Tag 0241 – (4 times) – Health Services

Tag 0052 (1 time) – Residents’ Rights Offense

Here is how you can prevent this deficiency i.e. Tag 0241 from your facility:

1) Review your facility policy related to Nebulizer Medication Administration

2) Ensure a licensed nurse or nurses are administering all nebulizer treatments/medications and documenting accordingly.

3) Ensure your QMA/s and licensed nurses understand and show ongoing compliance with regulation §410IAC 16.2-5-4(e)( 1).

The top Deficiency tags cited in January 2019:

Tag 273 (9 times) – Food and Nutrition

Tag 246 (4 times) – Health Services Deficiency

Tag 240 (3 times) – Health Services Deficiency

Tag 217 (2 times) – Evaluation Deficiency

Here’s how you can prevent Tag 273

1) Ensure food labeling equipment such as stickers, and pens is readily available each shift and every day.

2) Review policy and procedure for food labeling, dating, storage and preparation.

3) Ensure all employees understand the policy mentioned above.

4) Inspect what you expect by auditing no less than 2 times a day until compliance of 100% is achieved.

5) Schedule a visit with IHCA.  Contact