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Testing Supplies Available to Order through Langham Logistics

Posted Feb 18, 20213 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

On February 10, 2021, the Indiana Department of Health (IDH) announced that COVID-19 testing supplies are now available to order through Langham Logistics.  This is an optional program available to long-term care facilities, hospitals, and local health departments.  Additional highlights of this program are as follows:

  • Available Supplies:  BinaxNOW card kits and swab kits are available to be ordered through Langham Logistics.  There is no cost for the BinaxNOW cards except for the delivery fee, although there is a maximum quantity each facility can order depending on the size of the facility.  At least one (1) BinaxNOW card kit must be ordered at a time (each kit includes 40 cards), and no more than 12 kits per month may be ordered; however, depending on the facility’s size, the maximum may be lower.  The swab kits range from $400 – $535 for 100 swab kits depending on the brand.  More about the available supplies and pricing, including delivery fees, can be found here.
  • Website Portal:  To set-up a portal account to order supplies, please visit:  A step-by-step guide to set up a portal account can be found here.  More than one person per facility can register for an account.
  • Ordering Amounts:  To minimize deliveries, it is recommended that long-term care facilities forecast their testing needs for the upcoming weeks, versus relying on a “just in time” model.  Each order is approved by IDH, and the guidance is to order enough for two (2) weeks of testing.  Please note that the amount of supplies requested may not be 100% fulfilled depending on inventory and demand.
  • Delivery Schedule:  Langham Logistics will deliver testing supplies to long-term care facilities on a bi-weekly basis.  Langham will analyze the quantities ordered to develop a delivery route and schedule.  Expected delivery is within two (2) weeks of an order being placed.
  • Invoices:  After a facility has received the supplies ordered, the facility will receive an electronic invoice from IDH for the cost of the supplies and delivery.

A more detailed FAQ document can be found here, and questions may be directed to Shirley Payne ( and Kiley Huntington (