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Reminder: Please Update your COVID-19 Ready Status in EMResources

Posted Dec 23, 20212 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

Following on previous updates concerning COVID-19 Ready Status and the designation of that status in EMResources, we encourage you to update EMResources and plan for ongoing maintenance of that designation.  Indiana’s hospitals have been heavy users of EMResources and view it as a go-to and accurate database of health care system capabilities and needs.  As hospitals search for post-acute capacity IHCA has worked with Indiana hospitals, the Indiana Hospital Association, and IDOH to triage urgent placement needs.  Hospitals often go to EMResources first, or early, in their process to find placement during times of high COVID-19 demand.

IDOH continues to get reports from Indiana hospitals that nursing facilities are not accepting COVID-19 patients even through the facility is reporting COVID-19 Ready in EMResources.  We recommend the following actions:

  • Today:  If not already done, designate a person to log into EMResources and check your facility status to ensure accuracy before the end of business day today.
  • Today:  If you did not submit an attestation as a COVID-19 Ready facility, still log into EMResources to be sure your facility designation is correct.  If you are incorrectly designated as a COVID-19 Ready facility contact Derris Harrison ( to be removed.
  • Ongoing:  Designate a person to log into EMResources and change the status of green (accepting) to yellow (limited capacity) or red (no capacity) when that status changes.  It is important to make this change in EMResources timely.

 Facilities could be removed from the COVID-19 Ready Status and the Reimbursement.

  • IDH is evaluating facilities that are reported to them as not following IDH protocol for admissions when those facilities have made an attestation of being COVID-19 Ready and/or are inaccurately reporting in EMResources.

Log into EMResources and check you reporting status today.  Click here for EMResources guidance.

About the Author

Zach Cattell, IHCA/INCAL President