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Nurse Licensure Compact – Effective July 1, 2020

Posted Jul 1, 20201 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical Workforce

Pursuant to House Enrolled Act 1344, Indiana has entered into the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), effective July 1, 2020. RNs and LPNs with an active Indiana nursing license whose primary state of residence is Indiana may now apply for a compact license, which allows them to practice in any state that has also entered the NLC. For a list of current NLC states, please click here.

Importantly, RNs and LPNs with an active compact license from another NLC state may practice in Indiana starting July 1, 2020, without further action needed.

To apply for a compact license, please visit and click “Register a Person” to begin the NLC application. The online application fee is $25. After completing the online application, you will be contacted by a customer service representative with details of what additional documentation is required.

If one or more of the following applies, an applicant does not currently qualify for a compact license but may continue the application process for the single state license:

  • Active discipline on his/her license;
  • Currently enrolled in an alternative program (i.e., a program designed to be used in lieu of disciplinary action);
  • Has a misdemeanor conviction related to the practice of nursing; and/or
  • Has a felony conviction on the state or federal level.

More about Indiana’s compact license application process can be found here, and a Frequently Asked Questions document can be found here.