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Nurse Aide in Training Registry

Posted Jun 23, 20221 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

A REDCap Nurse Aide in Training Registry has been created to provide a record of nurse aides in training in nursing facilities in Indiana. This will enable IDOH to monitor capacity related to the training, testing and certification of nurse aides.

Beginning July 1, nursing facilities should complete the survey for any nurse aides hired who are not yet certified. This would include former PCAs and TNAs who did not complete their nurse aide training prior to July 1 but are enrolled in a nurse aide training program with the intention of completing the training, testing and certification.

According to F728, a facility must not use any individual working in the facility as a nurse aide for more than 4 months, on a full-time basis, unless (i) That individual is competent to provide nursing and nursing-related services; and (ii)(A) That individual has completed a training and competency evaluation program, or a competency evaluation program approved by the state as meeting the requirements of §483.151 through §483.154. F728 also states a facility must not use any individual who has worked less than 4 months as a nurse aide in that facility unless the individual (i) is a full-time employee in a state-approved training and competency evaluation program; and (ii) has demonstrated competence through satisfactory participation in a state-approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program or competency evaluation program.

A link to the REDCap Nurse Aide in Training Registry and a reminder will be included in the next newsletter. Any questions may be directed to Suzanne Williams at