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New AHCA SNF Margin Study 11/7/2017

Posted Nov 7, 20171 min Read

Payment & Reimbursement

New payment models, the expansion of managed care, and regulatory changes have all had a significant impact on our profession. More change is coming, and our job at AHCA and IHCA is help you prepare for that change.  To that end, AHCA has contracted with a trusted third-party research firm to conduct a nationwide study on SNF margins.  This data is essential to explaining to policy and law makers how difficult a position the sector is in today.  All data is maintained confidential by the contractor, all data will be reported in the aggregate, and no one at the associations or otherwise will have access to individualized data.

Please click here to view more information about this request and view a video from AHCA President/CEO Mark Parkinson about why participation in this effort is so critical. As Mark says, we know you have a gazillion things pressing on your time, but your time in completing this request will be well spent in supporting advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and the Indiana Statehouse.

To view, please have your AHCA website login information handy. If you do not have a login, Click the Sign In button on the AHCA website and follow the instructions.