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IDOH COVID-19 Response – Reminder

Posted Mar 4, 20223 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

Testing supplies and PPE ordering through Langham and Frontline is phasing out between now and the end of May.

Order Testing Supplies by March 30
Orders for testing supplies from Langham may continue to be placed through March 30. This includes rapid tests and PCR tests. Rapid tests are in limited supply, so facilities should be conservative in the amounts requested. Orders may be capped or partially filled based on available supply. PCR kits are plentiful, but only facilities that have a lab partner to process specimens should order PCR test kits.

*All testing supplies and shipping costs will continue to be FREE to LTC through the end of March.

Reminder Information for ordering testing supplies: INSTRUCTIONS and ORDER FORM

Order PPE by May 30
PPE items for staff or visitors will be available for ordering through May 30 from Langham and Frontline. IDOH has an abundant supply of PPE available, so facilities may order any items that are available and as much as they need. We recommend that facilities order extra PPE to build up the facility’s on-hand supplies.

*All PPE and shipping costs will continue to be FREE to LTC through the end of May.

IDOH Order Entry Portal Guide Instructions

IDOH Frontline Order Entry Portal Guide Instructions