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HHS Releases Facility Level Detail for CARES November and December 2020 Quality Incentive Program

Posted Feb 15, 20211 min Read

Payment & Reimbursement

On January 12, 2021, HHS updated the spreadsheet with payments made to each skilled nursing facility under the Quality Incentive Program (QIP) for November and December 2020.  Click here to access the site and download the spreadsheet.   You can access the methodology used to calculate the payments this link.  In Indiana, 228 SNFs earned payments for November 2020 totaling $17,590,477.  For December 2020, 181 facilities earned payments totaling $13,765,885.  Facilities that did not receive a payment but believe they qualified should email

About the Author

Elizabeth Eichhorn, Director of Reimbursement Policy and Payor Affairs