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COVID-19 Lab Contacts from ISDH

Posted Sep 4, 20203 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

On September 4, 2020, the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) released a list of labs that have excess capacity and are interested in partnering with Indiana’s long-term care (LTC) facilities for resident/employee testing. The ISDH is encouraging LTCs to establish a relationship with a primary and secondary laboratory for COVID-19 testing and is recommending LTCs to have a backup lab in case their primary lab experiences delayed turnaround times. The lab contacts shared by ISDH are listed below.

Please note that AHCA/NCAL has also compiled a list of COVID-19 testing vendors for LTC and that list is available here.


8211 SciCor Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46214
Point of Contact: Matt Ruta
Phone: 630-390-9399


Alverno Clinical Laboratories

2434 Interstate Plaza
Hammond, IN 46324
Point of Contact: Kevin Bailey
Phone: 708-704-2810

Gravity Diagnostics

632 Russell Street
Covington, KY 41011
Point of Contact: Leslie Hinkle and Claire Stemen
Email: and

More information on Gravity Diagnostics is listed below:

  • Gravity Diagnostics has been testing for long term care facilities in Kentucky and has processed over 30,000 samples from facilities in August.
  • They will build out a password protected place on their website for the Indiana LTC facilities early next week.  Facilities will be able to set up their account, order supplies, learn how to get results, etc. at this site.  The website is
  • In the meantime, Leslie Hinkle and Claire Stemen will handle requests ( and  Please also copy Tony Remington CEO in the correspondence.
  • Remote accessioning with barcoding if preferred over paper requisitions.  This minimizes errors and maximizes turnaround time.  Gravity Diagnostics, however, will accept paper requisitions.

Gravity Diagnostics will provide two options:

  1. The facility pays $59 per sample received OR
  2. Facility provides adequate documentation for to bill the sample’s insurance.

The facility will agree to pay Gravity Diagnostics if for some reason insurance does not cover the test.

The $59 includes –

  • Fulfilment, Training, and Set-Up
  • Supplies – swab, vial/tubes, medium, biohazard bags and shipping materials to send swabs to Gravity Diagnostics.
  • Shipping – Will ship supplies to the facility and pay for the shipping cost to get the swabs back to Gravity Diagnostics.
  • Laboratory services including getting the result back to the facility via portal.