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Webinar Open to All

Metamorphosis: Leadership in a Transformative Culture

When: Ongoing


Members: $25

About This Event

OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the culture of AL/RCF care relative to behavioral health, quality care, and quality of life;
  2. Apply the concept of transformational leadership and explain the benefits to workforce development;
  3. Explain the value of mastering Emotional Intelligence (EI) to improve morale, social, and work-related interactions; and
  4. Create an environment of care that speaks to the quality of life of everyone living and working in the community.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Leadership, Managers, Supervisors

AL/RCF leaders are traumatized, fatigued, disillusioned and, in some cases, hopeless to recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic. With many seasoned leaders opting out of the next chapter of AL/RCF, valuable experiential knowledge and support is out of reach for a new generation of leaders. What will the AL/RCF community of tomorrow look like? Do you know where your organization is headed or how you will attract and sustain the workforce you’ll need to meet the needs of future customers?

This conversation will inspire a new leadership perspective, moving all leaders to be creative and tenacious in meeting the challenges of the emerging culture of AL/RCF. The concept of transformative leadership and strategies every leader should consider in creating an environment of care that speaks to the needs and satisfaction of everyone living and working in the community is the focus of this session.



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