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On-demand Open to All

Fully Staffed

When: Ongoing


Members: $451 | Non-Members: $451

About This Event

Fully Staffed is Drive‘s online program for healthcare and senior living leaders who are ready to end their staffing crisis. Each month Drive will feature new live and recorded content that leaders can use to impact their recruitment and retention efforts. The content in Fully Staffed is values-based and culture-driven, which is the secret to getting more of the right candidates for an organization and keeping the great ones they already have.  

In Fully Staffed, leaders have access to the key strategies that will make all the difference for them, both personally and professionally, and for their organization by staffing up for good. A community of positive people committed to learning proven strategies and tools to end this staffing crisis, there is literally nothing else like Fully Staffed out there!  

 The Mission of Drive‘s Fully Staffed Program: 

  • Help providers reduce their turnover immediately so residents/clients can get back to consistent caregivers 
  • Provide ways to recruit staff from new pipelines 
  • Create sustainable change for providers through monthly content, not a Band-Aid solution that falls apart quickly 

What’s Included:

  • Members can watch content on their own time, at their own pace! 
  • Engaging in supplemental growth work
  • Completing culture assessments for recorded content
  • Participating in monthly live coaching calls 
  • Enjoying bonus video content for deeper learning 
  • Tuning in for Implementation Hour, where you can quietly work on your staffing projects and get expert guidance from a Drive team member 
  • Joining Drive and other providers in a Facebook group where Drive will answer questions and give steady inspiration and tips! 

What’s new for 2023:

  • A Drive App coming soon! This convenient app will house Fully Staffed, and our other online courses, on smart devices to make learning on the go (and the terrific recruitment and retention outcomes that come with it) a snap! Stay tuned for more.
  • Accountability Partner Program. To foster accountability and sustainability, we will partner up members in Fully Staffed. Collaborate together, check in with one another, and cheer each other on! This is an optional program with a lot of benefits.
  • Learning Roadmap. To customize the Fully Staffed learning experience by highlighting the specific values organizations need to hone in on, specific to their turnover rate or culture score. This feature makes Fully Staffed even more prescriptive to the issues going on in an organization that directly affect recruitment and retention!
  • Office Hours With Denise. For custom on-demand guidance. Denise will be available once a month for one-on-one help for pressing workforce questions! Denise can help plan meaningful staff celebrations, create values-based interview questions, tweak a jobs website, or guide members on whatever they want to do!


Pricing for the entire membership program is $451 for the year.

Who Should Attend?  

Any individual or team involved in the recruitment or retention of staff. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to get Fully Staffed… and stay that way! Leaders have a HUGE responsibility when it comes to staffing. That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it? But it’s also a beautiful opportunity to make a difference through leading in this incredible field.  

Our Speakers

Denise Boudreau
President, Drive

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