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Workshop Open to All

SDi Preceptor Course

When: December 13, 2023 @ 8:00am EST - 5:00pm EST


Members: $299 | Non-Members: $299

About This Event

This course is offered through IHCA/INCAL’s education partner, Success Development, Inc.

If you are looking to increase your “job satisfaction” and/or “job contribution value,” the preceptor course could be the way to obtain that opportunity. The preceptor course fulfills one of the eligibility requirements to be approved as a preceptor to an administrator-in-training. This state-approved eight-hour program will provide the informational foundation to be a skilled preceptor.

Course Content

  • Adult Learning
  • Preceptor Qualifications, Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships
  • AIT Process
  • Areas of Focus During the AIT Relationship
  • Trainer, Employer, Leader, and Manager
  • Resident Care During the AIT Experience

In order to qualify as a preceptor, an applicant is required to be a currently licensed Indiana HFA to precept an applicant seeking licensure as an HFA or RCA, or an RCA to precept an applicant seeking licensure as an RCA. An applicant is also required to file an application with the board and be approved prior to serving as the preceptor. All applicants shall have attended, within five (5) years prior to applying to serve as a preceptor, a board approved educational program and forward to the board a certificate of completion. Furthermore, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Have active work experience as an HFA or RCA for at least two (2) out of the immediate preceding three (3) years prior to the date of application;
  2. Be a current CEO of a continuing care retirement community who holds a current, valid HFA license; or
  3. Be a current regional manager for a multi-facility organization who holds a current valid HFA license or RCA and who affirms to the board that his or her physical presence at the training location is concurrent with at least sixty percent (60%) of the applicant’s physical presence at the training location.

Finally, applicants for preceptor shall not have any disciplinary action taken by the board against his or her HFA or RCA license in the last two (2) years. For further information regarding preceptor applications, please refer to 840 Ind. Admin. Code 1-1-17.

Questions about this event?

Please contact Vivian Wright-Defrees at 317-596-0707 or