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Profiles in Long-Term Care: Ten Questions with Andy Shane

Posted Oct 25, 20236 min Read


Name: Andy Shane
Title: Chief Operating Officer for American Senior Communities
Years of service in long-term care: 32
Best leadership advice you have received: As a leader supporting multiple communities, if you don’t have a well-defined agenda that will bring value to a meeting with an Executive Director, wait. Don’t visit until you do. The Executive Director’s time is very precious.
Your hidden talent that your colleagues might be surprised to learn about: I can walk on my hands and juggle.
What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to food? Chocolate anything
Favorite destination or travel experience that you cherish: I had the privilege of spending a gap year before college in Israel. I found the experience memorable and one I will never forget.

Did you have a dream job in mind while growing up?
As a kid, I dreamed of becoming an Astronaut. However, I was missing some key elements to make that happen.

What inspired you to pursue a career in long-term care, and what keeps you motivated in this field?
My father owned a pharmacy and during high school, I had the opportunity to deliver medications to private homes and nursing homes. This wonderful experience of connecting with the elderly ignited my passion for creating a positive impact in their lives and living environments.

Can you walk us through your career journey in long-term care?
Here is my LinkedIn profile. Some highlights include:

  • Completed my AIT in Indiana at 23 years old
  • Worked as an Administrator in a community in Indiana
  • Became a Regional Director of Operations and supported homes in several states at the age of 26 years old.
  • Started a post-acute network in multiple states
  • Became a Divisional Vice President
  • Became a COO

Throughout my various work experiences, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and skills. I am grateful to my many mentors and thanks to their guidance, I was grateful for the opportunity to advance rapidly in a field that I love.

What have been some of the most rewarding parts of your career since you started in long-term care?
There have been so many rewarding parts in each position that I have served but ultimately, they all connect to my favorite thing which is engaging with my teammates and the residents.

What are you most looking forward to before the year wraps up?
I’ve experienced a warm and inclusive welcome at American Senior Communities. I am actively working on shedding the “new guy” label. I’m genuinely thrilled about becoming an integral part of the company’s fabric and culture. I’m eagerly looking forward to collaborating with my team on the 2024 strategic plan and witnessing its successful implementation.

What is the one piece of advice you have for younger individuals looking to start a career in long-term care?
Entering the senior care field should be driven by noble intentions. If your motivation is to improve the quality of life for residents, then you are moving in the right direction.

How has your role and perspective evolved over the years in the long-term care industry?
As a community Executive Director, through my daily interactions with employees, residents and caregivers, my direct influence on impacting both quality care and financial outcomes was much greater than what I am experiencing as Chief Operating Officer.

On the other hand, I have the privilege of supporting these leaders by setting collaborative strategic direction, offering guidance, and inspiring these leaders to embrace the vision. Subsequently, supporting them to be the best leaders they can be. Maintaining a grounded and engaged perspective is crucial in order to grasp the challenges our field leaders encounter. Regardless of the role, we are all united under one mission of compassionately serving our customers with quality care and excellence.

What do you enjoy most about working in long-term care? Are there any heartwarming or memorable stories you’d like to share?
In my role as an Administrator, I cherished my connections with all the residents, but one gentleman, in particular, stands out. He came in for rehab, and I discovered he was a passionate golfer. I motivated him by promising to play golf with him once he returned home, and I fulfilled that promise. Our friendship endured for many years after that, sharing a common interest in golf. Despite the very heavy regulations in the senior care profession, this experience underscored the importance of maintaining genuine connections with people. This is why I was so drawn to American Senior Communities and their CARE Companion culture.

Long-term care is making great strides in clinical and technological advancements. Can you highlight one such innovative technological solution that ASC has adopted to enhance resident care and operational efficiency?
The baby boomer generation possesses a greater familiarity with technology, which will result in elevated expectations when selecting assisted living or nursing home facilities. To meet these expectations, such communities will need to implement innovative technologies, not only to enhance the quality of care but also to offer enjoyable experiences. Partnering with CareAscend and adding virtual reality experiences by partnering with MyndVR are just a few examples of how ASC is working to stay innovative.

How do you inspire and engage your team to embrace change and stay at the forefront of advancements in long-term care?
I encourage my team mates to allocate time for self-education and reading. I also encourage them to consider participating in retreats and conferences as well. These are just a few ways ASC can stay at the forefront of providing the best quality care and service to our valued customers and employees.


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