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Webinar Open to All

Documentation for Nutrition/Hydration Services

When: August 20, 2024 @ 2:30pm EST - 3:30pm EST


Members: $55 | Non-Members: $110

About This Event

In the dynamic and demanding environment of SNFs/NFs, accurate and comprehensive documentation is paramount. This presentation is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to create supportive and thorough documentation for individuals at risk for or experiencing impaired nutrition/hydration status.  Participants will be equipped to navigate the complexities of documenting the identification of the risk for, prevention of and management of impairments in nutrition/hydration status in residents. and leave with a solid understanding of the regulatory landscape, enhanced communication skills, and practical strategies for creating comprehensive and supportive documentation. This presentation aims to empower healthcare professionals in SNFs/NFs to provide the highest quality of care while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of their documentation.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will be able to recognize and articulate the key elements necessary for comprehensive and supportive documentation related to nutrition/hydration assessment.
2. Participants will recognize the implications of incomplete or inaccurate documentation on care planning, quality of care, facility liability and ensuring regulatory compliance.
3. Participants will develop effective communication skills for documenting strategies and treatment interventions to manage risks and prevent complications related to impaired nutrition/hydration collaboratively within interdisciplinary teams.


Target Audience: Nursing staff, DONs, dietary, therapy, Risk management


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Our Speakers

Christine Twombly, RN- BC, RAC-MT, HRM, CHC
Appeals & Denials Management Coordinator , Proactive LTC Consulting

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