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Stand Up For Hoosier Seniors

We Care Long Term

Hoosier Seniors Need Your Support

Hoosiers are worried. Indiana is moving ahead with a plan to pay insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars to take over the state’s Medicaid-covered long-term services and supports. This is a substantial and concerning move by the State that will likely put Hoosier seniors’ access to essential health care services and quality care at risk.

The Indiana General Assembly is considering a local alternative which will keep Hoosier seniors and their health care providers in control of their health care decisions, not insurance companies.

It is vitally important that we stand up for our most vulnerable and elderly Hoosiers by contacting our state lawmakers.

Tell your legislators you want Hoosiers to be in charge of their own health care, not insurance companies. Tell them you oppose insurance-driven managed care.

Protect Hoosier Seniors

Our Seniors and Loved Ones Deserve Better

Indiana's transition to insurance-driven managed care will be detrimental to Hoosier seniors and their caregivers.

50,000+ Hoosiers Impacted

$300M+ Reallocated to Insurers

Service Denials and Claim Payment Delays

Support Alternative Solutions

Health care providers and other stakeholders are advocating for meaningful action now to protect seniors from insurance-driven managed care. We have prioritized four actions.

Maintaining Patient Choice

Patients and their loved ones will continue to make health care decisions directly with their health care providers.


Expand Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

Provide recipients and providers with quicker access to HCBS and increase investments in these services using federal funding and projected savings from decreased nursing home use.


Improving Quality

Modify the nursing facility base rate so that more dollars are directed to staffing and resident care in nursing homes and long-term care facilities and double the state’s investment in value-based reimbursement with performance-based payments.


Implement an Integrated Care System

Achieve a true systemic change by aligning provider incentives with patient needs, while reducing costs.


Are you Ready To Advocate?

Now more than ever, Hoosier seniors need our support.  This legislative session, we must all come together to make our voices heard. We have created a toolkit of materials to help you get involved in this campaign and be a powerful advocate for our state’s vulnerable seniors.

Take Action Now

Please read the letter below and input your information in the fields provided to contact your legislator today. If you wish to customize the message or have any questions, please contact us.

Contact Your Legislator Today

Tell your legislators you oppose insurance-driven managed care.