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The Indiana Health Care Association is committed to continually finding new ways to enhance the services we offer to our members, including partnering with respected and effective companies that can help improve your operations and bottom line to enable continued focus on delivering quality care to residents. Please review the below materials and feel free to contact the IHCA partner directly or you can contact Emily Berger at eberger@ihca.org with any questions.


Midwest Insurance Group Professional and General Liability Insurance

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Midwest Insurance Group, RRG (MIG). MIG is a preferred provider of Professional and General Liability insurance to Indiana nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.  Indiana facilities who are members of IHCA/INCAL will receive the following benefits:

  • 10% credit for IHCA/INCAL members

  • Access to Risk Management Portal

  • Dedicated Legal Defense Team

  • Dividend potential

MIG has been instrumental in helping Indiana nursing facilities and assisted living facilities participate in Indiana’s Patient Compensation Fund (PCF), that is part of the state’s renown Medical Malpractice Act.  Participation in the PCF allows those facilities to statutorily cap their exposure for any one claim.  The dedicated legal defense team at MIG is renowned for significantly lowering defense costs and providing excellent results at the medical review panel process under Indiana’s Medical Malpractice Act.  

Many of IHCA/INCAL members are already covered by MIG and can attest to the value of their partnership.  MIG only provides quotes through independent agents.  For those who want to learn more, please visit www.midwestrrg.com.

Please contact Clint Lanning at (317)575-3970, clint.lanning@caitlin-morgan.com or Christopher Murray at 317-575-3979, chris.murray@caitlin-morgan.com.

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Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services and RTW

Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services and RTW are proud to be an endorsed Workers' Compensation solution for all IHCA members and can offer you a cost-effective workers' compensation alternative!
The Group Workers Compensation Plan offers members:

  • Dividend payout opportunity based on program volume and group losses
  • 5% Association Credit for Participants
  • Customized Loss Prevention
  • Access to RTW SelectRite Pre-hire Screening
  • Early identification of high-risk claims (the 15% that typically generate 80% of the losses)
  • Identification of the 15% of Claims that Generate 80% of Cost
  • Average claim cost 49% below the WC industry
  • Claim Closure Average is 80% Faster than the WC Industry
  • Reduced Length of Disability and Improved Facility Staffing


Senior Crime Stoppers

Senior Crimestoppers is a nationwide crime prevention program educating and safeguarding against theft, abuse and neglect. IHCA/INCAL supports this program by encouraging members to participate with sponsoring banks in their communities.

  • Funded completely by the banking industry through the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation’s CRA Partners program.
  • Serving residents, staff, management, family and visitors in nursing homes, assisted living communities, independent living communities, HUD communities and veterans homes.

Learn more about Senior Crime Stoppers here. Questions about this program can be directed to Emily Berger at eberger@ihca.org


Indiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Diet Manual

The 2016 Indiana Diet Manual is designed for use in a variety of foodservice and healthcare practice settings by many care providers. This comprehensive manual covers essential concepts in dietetics and nutrition with reliable, science based information including resources for further information. The Indiana Diet Manual is written and reviewed by expert Registered Dietitian Nutritionists in the field.

Utilize the manual for guidance in meal planning for differing ages, conditions and needs, to aid physicians in prescribing modified diets, and by health care staff to interpret and carry out diet orders. Dietetics practitioners may use it as a general guide for providing nutrition care. Read more


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