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When you begin your search for long-term care, you will find that each option is unique in its own way. We encourage you to visit the facilities that you are considering to best evaluate their ability to meet your loved one’s needs. Long-term care options fall into four main categories:

Long-term care options

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Today's nursing facilities are designed to care for the young and old alike, both those who expect to recover fully as well as those in need of extended long-term care services. All nursing facilities in Indiana must be licensed by the state. Not all homes that are licensed are certified for Medicaid or Medicare. Nursing facility care can be funded through the individual, by the Medicaid or Medicare programs, or through private long-term care insurance.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living is one of the fastest growing segments of long-term care and is a long-term care alternative for seniors who need more assistance than is available in a retirement community, but who do not require the heavy medical care and attention provided in a nursing facility. Individuals in assisted living facilities receive, as needed, supervision, personal assistance, and health care services in a way that promotes maximum independence.

Home Health Care

Home health care includes the provision of periodic nursing assistance in the home. An example would be a nurse or nurse aide visiting the home on a regular basis to assist an older person, to check blood pressure, assist in bathing, or to administer prescribed medication. Some services may be reimbursable by Medicare or Medicaid.

Adult Day Care

These programs are generally for those who have help at home, but require minimal medical and social supervision when their family or spouse is away from the home for employment.

Choosing the best facility

Choosing long-term care for a family member can be very stressful. We encourage you to plan for the need as early as possible to give everyone more time to prepare for the transition. When you’re ready to visit the facility or interview the administrators, use this checklist so you know what to ask and what to look for when evaluating a facility. Download our Facility Research Checklist.

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