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Nursing Home Providers Can Now Register With CHIRP – COVID-19 Vaccine Coordination

Posted Mar 23, 20213 min Read

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What is CHIRP?

The Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program (CHIRP) is a secure web-based application that is administered by the Indiana Department of Health (IDH).  An immunization registry program is designed to permanently store a person’s immunization records in an electronic format and are confidential as part of the person’s medial record.

Why nursing home providers need access to CHIRP related to COVID-19 vaccinations:

  • Enables a registered and approved vaccine provider to record all newly administered vaccinations.
  • Provides immediate access to immunization records of new patients previously seen elsewhere.
  • Decreases staff time spent retrieving immunization records.
  • Reduces costs: staff time, paperwork, and vaccine use.
  • Flag’s opportunities to give needed vaccinations.
  • Provides reminder cards and letters resulting in fewer missed appointments.
  • Maintains immunization data in a confidential and secure system.

In addition to enhancing care coordination related to COVID-19 vaccinations for current and new admissions, CHIRP is also key to any nursing facility that chooses to directly enroll as a COVID-19 vaccine provider pursuant under IDH’s Phase 2 COVID-19 vaccination guidance.

The Direct Enrollment option allows long-term care facilities to receive COVID-19 vaccinations by enrolling directly at ISDH’s enrollment site (this is different than working with a Long Term Care Pharmacy where the pharmacy handles the vaccination and coordinates with the facility to administer). Under the Direct Enrollment option, the long-term care facility is solely responsible for vaccine ordering, storage, handling, and administration, and for reporting supply and administration information to the state.

How to register and access CHIRP – a two-step process

  • The facilities if they are not already registered with CHIRP will need to complete an enrollment form:

  • Individual CHIRP users are required to complete a user agreement form.


  • Enroll in CHIRP to help with care coordination regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Designate individual user or users at your facility.
  • Maintain the signed individual user agreement in the employee personnel record.
  • Ensure your HR department is aware of the Remove User form that must be completed within 1 week of a designated user’s last day of employment and faxed to CHIRP program at 317-233-8827.

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