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[October 1, 2020] Recruitment & Retention Leadership Series - IHCA

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[October 1, 2020] Recruitment & Retention Leadership Series

Posted Apr 10, 20208 min Read


Recruitment & Retention Leadership Series

We are excited to partner with Drive Leadership & Coaching to present the Recruitment and Retention Leadership Series. The series consists of five high-energy, information-packed, 90-minute webinars and two inspiring in-person sessions over the course of seven months on important topics related to culture-driven recruitment and retention.

At the end of the series, your HR & recruitment teams will be able to:

  • Improve retention rates and recruitment efforts by tapping into the fact that senior living can be an incredibly attractive place to work!
  • Identify the unique benefits of working in our field and in your individual organization.
  • Implement culture-driven changes after assessing recruitment, hiring, orientation and onboarding efforts.


  • [November 1, 2019] SESSION II: Exceptional Start: Assessing and Building Your Recruitment & Retention Program
  • [January 8, 2020] SESSION III: Engagement from the Onset
  • [February 19, 2020] SESSION IV: Experiencing Orientation: Beyond Policies and Paperwork
  • [March 6, 2020] SESSION V: Enthusiasm from Day 1: The First 90 Days
  • [April 8, 2020] SESSION VI: Exceeding Employee Expectations: Building Coaching Relationships REGISTER HERE
  • [May 13, 2020] SESSION VII: Evolving: Keep People Performing at Their Best

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Please note: All webinars begin at 2 p.m. EST.

Who should attend?
Anyone who hires or is involved in the hiring process!  This includes leaders, department directors, and managers.

CEUs: 20.5 CEUs for full series (1.5 credits per webinar and 6.5 credits per in-person workshop) for Administrators, licensed social workers, and SHRM credits for HR professionals.


Denise Boudreau-Scott, President, Drive
Arleen Smith, Leadership & Engagement Consultant, Drive
Mary Tellis-Nayak, Leadership & Engagement Consultant, Drive

Online collaboration with other participants and presenters:

Each participant of the recruitment & retention leadership series will also be invited to interact on a collaborative online project management application called Basecamp. Drive will create a Basecamp Project Team for IHCA/INCAL attendees which will allow the Drive Team and IHCA/INCAL members to collaborate exclusively. When you register for the series, the email address you provide will be used to invite you to Basecamp.

All the presentations and handouts will be posted on Basecamp after each session so the information is always handy.  Drive will leave Basecamp open after the series closes so participants can access information (recordings and handouts) that they didn’t download.

Pricing: Please click here for pricing information.


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Session Descriptions

Exceptional Start:  Assessing and Building Your Recruitment & Retention Program

Session 2 Full Day In-person

Location: Renaissance Indianapolis North, 11925 N. Meridian St., Carmel IN.

Thoughtfully choreographing every moment of your applicant and new hire’s experience can create a loyal team member who is a raving fan of your organization.  Ignoring these moments can start them on the path to disengagement and give you a group that’s just looking to collect a paycheck.  In this webinar we’ll give you everything you need to start building a best-in-class recruitment and retention program!  We’ll cover assessing your current practices, reviewing online and onsite job applications and interviewing do’s and don’ts.  We’ll also dive into creating energizing job ads that stress must-have competencies, engaging interview questions that let you learn more about the candidate, and other best practices for attracting and interviewing that you can implement immediately.

From this session you will:

  • Assess your organizational practices to find the bright spots as well as areas of greatest opportunity
  • Ensure your team members and residents are engaged in finding the right candidates
  • Reduce the number of employees you acquire from other providers and instead cast a wider net to attract more people to our field

Engagement from the Onset

Session 3 Webinar (90 minutes)

In this session, we will share specific actions to take once an offer has been made to your ideal candidate.  How do you keep this newly found perfect person excited about coming to work for your organization and counting down the days until his/her first day?  We will help you focus on engaging new team members from the very start by demonstrating to them your exceptional organizational culture and values after the offer has been made.  We will discuss how you can make even the mundane tasks of hiring fun, exciting, and uniquely yours!

From this session you will:

  • Discover how to make hiring more efficient and fun!
  • Self-assess your current processes and evaluate gaps which need to be filled
  • Create new opportunities for sharing your organizational culture through stories, engaging residents and inspiring employees

Experiencing Orientation: Beyond Policies and Paperwork

Session 4 Webinar (90 minutes)

Orientation sets the tone for how team members will treat each other and those you serve.  Is the experience an inspirational one that lives your company values or a day of signing mounds of paperwork and watching presentations that leave them with their head snoring on the table?  Invigorate your orientation for new employees by tapping into the wisdom of leaders, residents and fellow team members.  Learn the top ten must do’s for orientation to illustrate your organizational culture being lived!

From this session you will:

  • Champion the creation of magical moments for new employees
  • Incorporate the top ten must dos in your employee orientation
  • Score your current practices and learn simple steps you can take for creating a better orientation experience

Enthusiasm from Day 1:  The First 90 Days

Session 5 Full Day In-person

Location: Renaissance Indianapolis North, 11925 N. Meridian St., Carmel IN.

In this all-day session, we will define best practices for engagement that start on the new team member’s first day, and carry throughout their first 90 days of employment.  We will focus on the importance of onboarding employees in a way that connects people to organizational values, and each other rather, than fulfilling an arbitrary “probationary period”.  Your experience in the group will help you implement supportive practices to help new team members perform at their highest level as quickly as possible and lay the foundation for an engaged employee.

From this session you will:

  • Map out the first 90 days for new team members
  • Focus on building a long-lasting bond with new team members
  • Identify ways to match current members of the community with new team members


Exceeding Employee Expectations:  Building a Coaching Relationship

Session 6 Webinar (90 minutes)

Leaders must recognize the importance of developing deeper relationships with their team members, including ongoing, regularly scheduled coaching conversations.  Coaching is an effective way to set expectations, discuss goals, create plans that drive results, as well as, overcome challenges.  Coaching conversations are for focusing on strengths and are as important for your A players as they are for your struggling team members.  When you develop a coaching relationship with each person, honest feedback is easier and praise is shared more freely.

From this session you will:

  • Address the number one reason employees leave their organizations
  • Provide effective, positive, corrective, and developmental feedback
  • Create an on-going coaching plan, that include those difficult candid conversations


Evolving:  Keep People Performing at Their Best

Session 7 Webinar (90 minutes)

When you hire the best, they will want to perform at their best.  Yet, even the top players can become complacent or bored if they are not consistently challenged in their work. In this final webinar of the series we will discuss the importance of keeping team members engaged, as well as how to personalize growth opportunities for each individual.

From this session you will:

  • Utilize people’s strengths to keep them engaged in their work long term
  • Discover the importance of growing team members through practices including: active involvement on committees, attendance at conferences and encouragement of volunteering
  • Create checks and balances so a strong culture isn’t just a program and never sizzles out

Questions? Please contact, Katie Niehoff at