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LTC Administered Monoclonal Antibody Treatment - IHCA

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LTC Administered Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Posted Dec 20, 20203 min Read


The Indiana Department of Health (IDH) has established a process for facilities and physicians interested in administering monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19.  Long term care facilities, both nursing facilities and residential care facilities can express interest, however residential care facilities will need to demonstrate partnership with medical teams capable of completing and supervising the infusion treatment.  IDH will coordinate with interested facilities and Amerisource Bergen for registration and distribution.  After reading and coordinating on the below information, interested facilities should contact Dr. Dan Rusyniak at

Each interested facilities must submit the below information, including specific information based on the appropriate option chosen, to Dr. Rusyniak:

Required Information:

  • Name of Facility
  • Contact Information
    • Primary Facility POC Name
    • Primary Facility POC Title
    • Primary Facility POC Phone Number
    • Primary Facility POC Email

Option 1: If a LTC facility is serviced by a pharmacy

  • Name of Pharmacy Providing Services
  • Contact Information
    • Primary Pharmacy POC Name
    • Primary Pharmacy POC Title
    • Primary Pharmacy POC Phone Number
    • Primary Pharmacy Email
  • State Pharmacy License Number
  • Shipment/Delivery Address
    • Street, City, Zip Code
    • Will the therapeutics be shipped directly to the facility or to the pharmacy? If to the pharmacy, I would recommend that the facility coordinates with the pharmacy.

Option 2: Administering Physician

  • If the physician’s address on their license does not match the shipping address, the physician is required to complete and sign the letter of affiliation 
  • Name of Administering Physician for Facility
  • Administering Physician POC Title
    • Administering Physician POC Phone Number
    • Administering Physician POC Email
    • Administering Physician License Number
  • Shipment/Delivery Address
    • Street, City, Zip Code

Description of Next Steps (after a facility is registered):

  • After a LTC facility has provided the above information, IDOH will provide AmerisourceBergen with the information. AmerisourceBergen will register the facilities in the C19 Therapies Allocation Portal (IDOH submits allocations via this portal – internal use only)
  • LTC Facilities (Primary Facility POC) will receive a weekly REDCap survey email inquiring about how much inventory is on-hand, how much patient courses they are requesting and other information
    • Survey link sent on Mondays and Closes on Thursdays at noon (schedule subject to change depending on holiday schedules)
  • IDOH provides allocations to AmerisourceBergen weekly by Friday
  • AmerisourceBergen begins fulfilling orders the following week (typically shipping Monday – Thursday)
  • Currently we have a therapeutic clinic locator tool managed by the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) – LTC sites will be identified as closed sites and not represented on the locator tool.

There are safety considerations that must be addressed prior to administration of this therapy.

Facilities who are going to infuse this must fully understand the EAU criteria and the risks.  Of note there can be severe anaphylactic reactions with this therapy which is why the recommendations are that it only be administered in a facility where staff have the means to respond to anaphylaxis.

Medicare reimbursement information for this therapy may be found here.

About the Author

Zach Cattell, President, Indiana Health Care Association