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Indiana Department of Workforce Development Launches Hoosier Talent Network

Posted Nov 11, 20212 min Read


The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has launched Hoosier Talent Network (HTN),a new platform that leverages artificial intelligence capabilities that more efficiently match job seekers with employers and vice versa. HTN delivers relevant job and training recommendations based on the capabilities, experiences and potential of job seekers. By using HTN, you can widen your talent pool and connect with the best fit from Hoosier job seekers.

Importantly, the state is allowing all unemployment insurance recipients create profiles and apply for jobs through this new platform, which brings tens of thousands of individuals into the system. This function was solely administered through Indiana Career Connect (ICC). You can continue to use Indiana Career Connect, but the State is looking to transition from ICC to the Hoosier Talent Network.

The IHCA/INCAL encourages you to create an account here to post your job openings. The Employer Admin Guide can be accessed here and has step-by-step instructions for getting started.

For more about the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Hoosier Talent Network, please visit