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[March 24, 2020] Advanced Care Planning Course

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Advance Care Planning

March 24, 2020 – Changes have been made in the Value-Based Purchasing program regarding the Advanced Care Planning (ACP) criteria that affects reimbursement to nursing facilities providing Medicaid services. These changes are specific to the calendar year 2020 criteria used in determining the Nursing Facility Total Quality Score for Medicaid rates effective July 1, 2021.

To read the full ACP Bulletin including information about the Level I ACP Training Program Through Indiana’s FSSA’s Division of Aging learning management system, Relias, click here.

*Relias accounts were deactivated for anyone that completed ACP level 1 in 2019. ACP level 2 is not currently available. ACP level 2 information will be posted once we receive it from OMPP.

Respecting Choices is an internationally recognized, evidence-based model of advance care planning that creates a healthcare culture of person-centered care: care that honors an individual’s goals and values for current and future healthcare. The advance care planning (ACP) Facilitator is an emerging role in healthcare. ACP Facilitators are instrumental in helping individuals, their families, and their loved ones become more engaged in person-centered decision making. If ACP conversations were easy, they would be more commonplace than they are today.

For more information about the National Respecting Choices Last Steps Facilitator Training, please click here. Please note: online certification courses are not available at this time.