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COVID-19 April 10, 2020

Posted Apr 10, 20202 min Read

Regulatory & Clinical

COVID-19 Considerstions for Weather Watches and Warnings

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH)  has provided guidance to help long term care providers prepare for emergency for COVID-19 units.



Indiana Health Care Workforce Needs Request Form

ISDH now has an online request form for health care facilities, including long-term care facilities, with workforce needs to request assistance from those health care professionals who have volunteered or who are otherwise available to assist during this public health emergency, including health care professionals previously assigned to elective surgeries and those who have received a temporary license to practice, such as retired health care professionals and recent graduates of accredited medical, nursing, physician assistant, and respiratory care programs.

The Health Care Workforce Needs Request Form can be found here.

ISDH, in partnership with the Bowen Center, will then distribute information about employment opportunities within your facility to individuals who indicated willingness to serve and meet the specified criteria/need as outlined in your request.


Just Released: CPR Guidance During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

All clinicians should be aware that the efficacy of CPR is generally low in the nursing home population. CPR creates significant additional risk of contracting coronavirus due to viral aerosolization. Therefore, additional precautions are required when performing CPR during this pandemic. Effective immediately, please follow these steps if CPR is necessary for any person who is suspected or diagnosed with COVID19. To access the guidance released by the Society For Post-Acute and Long Term Care Medicine, please cliCK here.


[UPDATED CONSOLIDATED SUMMARIES BY IHCA/INCAL] ISDH COVID-19 Emergency Orders and Waivers for Comprehensive Care Facilities and Residential Care Facilities Issued to Date

For a consolidated summary on the current ISDH Waivers and Emergency Orders issued to date, please review the chart for comprehensive care facilities and the chart for residential care facilities. Both documents are in chronological order.  If you have any questions or ideas for additional waivers please reach out to Zach Cattell (, Laura Brown (, or Lori Davenport (