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2020 Assisted Living Conference

November 2-13, 2020


2020 Virtual Assisted Living Conference

Join us this November and get ready to gather insights from industry leaders and thought leaders on key issues and trends impacting assisted living and independent living industry.  This event will be offered in a virtual format.


2020 Virtual Assisted Living Conference

About the Conference

The virtual format will be presented on a dynamic and intuitive mobile-friendly website hosted by Cadmium, a nationally-recognized virtual event software platform, and all content will be available for you to access on your own schedules from November 2 – November 13.

Attendee Registration

  • Member: $50
  • Non-member: $250


The virtual event will offer 11 on-demand virtual sessions totaling 12.25 CEUs approved for Indiana licensed Administrators, Indiana licensed Social Workers, and Indiana licensed Occupational Therapists.


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Ready to Register?


November 2-13, 2020

Standard surveys will happen soon…As COVID-19 continues to strain organizations and restrict opportunities to assign precious additional resources to prepare for inspections, we will need to strike a balance between operational priorities and preforming ongoing housekeeping to foster a strong culture of day to day inspection readiness.

This session addresses discovering the underlying cause of most conflicts between facilities and families.  The focus is on unmet expectations.  This session includes specific suggestions on how to get ahead of concerns and how to set out expectations in a way that are reasonable.

As part of the emergency measures to address COVID-19, all levels of government are facilitating, and even encouraging,the use of telemedicine technology. The primary goal, of course, is to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to and from patients who would otherwise present for in-person services. The use of telemedicine is providing an opportunity to reduce in-person patient volumes and to provide health care providers with the potential means of rendering care from their home.

This course will teach you how to build and lead healthier nursing teams with less drama, more accountability, more engagement for better resident and nursing outcomes. As the author of Drama Free Nursing, Dennis will cover the Drama-Free Communication ProcessTM that increases trust within your teams that lead to better outcomes.

Real and personal property taxes typically represent a significant holding cost to commercial and industrial property owners. Rising property tax rates and inflated 2020-year assessments may create unpredictability and unique planning opportunities for your company’s property taxes. Whether your clients own real estate or your company owns senior care facilities or other properties, an opportunity may exist to protest the tax value.

Senior living organizations that embrace innovation and person-centered care understand the importance of empowering staff members who know first-hand the strengths and limitations of their residents. Professionals who have access to the knowledge-base and tools necessary to actively engage residents through person-centered interactions can reap rewards that are transformative to the work environment of all care providers and the quality of life of the people they serve.

This presentation will address recent changes to Indiana’s Aged & Disabled waiver program, and update on the implementation CMS’s Settings Rule, and an overview of efforts to reform long term services and supports in Indiana.

During this session you’ll learn from an experienced licensed nursing home administrator four steps in a proven leadership model that has helped companies across the country to elevate their organization’s culture and performance.

This presentation will focus on the behavioral health issues that are increasing due to social isolation from the COVID-19 public health emergency and how rehab and community staff and caregivers can work together to establish an individualized, person-centered plan to keep our resident’s engaged in meaningful activities to keep them functioning at their highest level of functioning and improve their quality of life.

Learn how to best avoid employment related claims from employees brought through the EEOC, ICRC, or local city Human Rights Commissions, or directly.  Discuss the likely process to resolution.  Learn and discuss the unique defenses and circumstances for assisted living companies.  Discuss the “problem” cases and those you more likely should defend or settle.   Discuss the realities of employment claims and litigation, among other related issues.

Cannabis use is growing in today’s society.  The CBD marketplace is expected to grow to 22 billion by 2022 according to the Brightfield Group.  With the variety of guidance and opinions what care providers to do when their customers, family members, and employees are coming in and inquiring about their use?  This session will focus on the use of cannabis from a pharmaceutical perspective.  In addition to the products that are available as supplements there are also a number of FDA approved products that attendees will be educated on by the end of the session.

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