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IHCA Member Rate: Skin & Wound Management Certification Course

This interactive and energetic course is taught by experienced wound certified instructors. It was developed to help clinicians stay current with the standards of care and legally defensible at bedside. 

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  • Evidence-based practice guidelines
  • Comprehensive wound assessment
  • Vital wound documentation
  • Key elements required for wound healing
  • Barriers to wound healing and ways to overcome issues
  • Legal and ethics considerations
When: Monday, November 26, 2018 - Friday, November 30, 2018
Where: Holiday INN Indianapolis Airport, 8555 Standsted Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46241
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Discounted rate availalbe for IHCA members. Click here to be directed to the Members Only section in order to access the discount code flyer. The discount code flyer is located in the Members Only section, under Education Resources, “Skin & Wound Management Certification Course-Discount Code for IHCA Members.” If you need your Member login information, please click the link and follow the prompts:  

If you have any questions about the Wound course, please email kniehoff@ihca.org

Diabetic Wound Management Online Course

Online Diabetic Wound Certification Training

This course is taught by a Board Certified DWC Physician who is passionate about caring for diabetic patients. He takes you through the science of the disease process, focuses on limb salvage and prevention, and covers the unique needs of a diabetic patient. This course will advance your knowledge in this field of Diabetes which will help you make a difference in the lives of your Diabetic patients.

Those health care professionals who meet the following NAWCO eligibility requirements can take sit for the board certification examination:
1. Current, unrestricted license as an LPN/ LVN, RN, NP, PT, PTA, OT, MD, DPM, DO, PA
2. Attend the approved “Diabetic Skin and Wound Management Course.”
3. Can meet ONE of the following requirements:
     a) Currently holds an accredited certification in wound care (WCC®, CWS®, CWCN®, CWON®, CWOCN®) OR...
     b) Documented active involvement in the care of diabetic patients, or in management, education or research directly related to diabetes while actively licensed for at least two (2) years full-time or four (4) years part-time within the past five (5) years.

IHCA Member Rate: $2397
Standard Rate:  $2596
WCEI Alumni Rate:  $1797

Diabetic Wound Management Course Flyer
Diabetic Wound Management Course Application

Individuals who have taken a Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI) training course through IHCA in the past are eligible for a discount. To determine if you are eligible for the "WCEI Alumni Rate" please contact Katie Niehoff at kniehoff@ihca.org or (317) 616-9028.

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