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American Health Care Association Dues Assessment

AHCA - Telling Our Story

As the nursing facility profession faces the most uncertain and challenging time that has ever occurred, our national association, the American Health Care Association (AHCA), has been hard at work in the halls of Congress and with the Trump Administration to secure billions of dollars and regulatory flexibilities for nursing facilities to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.   These gains have not come without support from IHCA and our relationships with our Members of Congress and Trump Administration officials, but also through intense media campaigns in Washington, D.C. that AHCA has organized.

AHCA's Dues Assessment

The Fight is Not Over

While significant progress has been made, now is not the time to become complacent. In the next few months and over the next year, Congress and HHS will make decisions that will shape the industry for years to come and perhaps determine its very survival.

In order to sustain the level of media necessary to continue the fight for more financial and regulatory relief, including liability protections, the AHCA has passed a $10 per bed assessment to fund a $15M media campaign that will hit both Washington, D.C. and national cable markets.  The goals include to help secure more funding for the sector, obtain regulatory relief, and gain trust with the nation’s buyers of long-term care services.

AHCA's Media Campaign

While much has been achieved through AHCA’s robust government relations and public relations effort this year,  there is an urgent need to build on this momentum and reach the broader public across the country.  AHCA is implementing a new $15 million advertising campaign to achieve two primary goals:

  • Continue to win policy fights in DC, and
  • Shape national opinion of the sector through national cable ads.

Message from Mark Parkinson

AHCA/NCAL President & CEO, Mark Parkinson, provides an update to members on the Association’s efforts to tell the story of our residents and caregivers who have been battling COVID-19.

Funding Future Success

With YOUR help, we can continue to drive a targeted message and continue to meet the unprecedented demands of this historic challenge. For questions, please contact Zach Cattell.