Political Action Committee

What is a PAC?

Indiana law defines a “political action committee” (PAC) as an organization which proposes to influence the election of a candidate for state, legislative, local or school board office and does so by accepting contributions and making expenditures during a calendar year that in the aggregate exceed $100. (A state PAC cannot make contributions to federal candidates. A separate federal PAC such as AHCAPAC is required to do so.)

Who Can Contribute to a PAC?

Individual contributions can be from anyone at any limit, such as an employee that opts to make a $10 per month payroll deduction or the corporate executive that chooses to write a $1000 (or more) personal check. IHCPAC is a separate account from member dues that is voluntarily paid to in order to support legislators that create good policy and fair regulations for our industry.

Individuals, PACs, LLCs, and LLPs are exempt from contribution restriction limits in Indiana. A PAC has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure corporations contributing to a PAC do not violate the corporate limits. Corporations must follow contributions limits of:

  • $5,000 to statewide candidates
  • $5,000 among state party committees
  • $2,000 for senate candidates
  • $2,000 for state representative candidates
  • $2,000 among the caucuses for the senate
  • $2,000 among the caucuses for the house of representatives

How does IHCPAC Make a Difference?

IHCPAC often maximizes the effectiveness of contributions by hosting events (typically a breakfast, luncheon or dinner) where IHCA/INCAL members contribute directly to the legislator and participate in the discussion. These meetings create a relaxed, focused and effective opportunity to educate policymakers.  In the fall of 2015, IHCPAC organized four key events listed below. Support of these events and others like them is critical to ensure the profession’s voice is being heard.

  • Breakfast with Governor Mike Pence
  • Lunch with Indiana House Republican Leadership, Speaker Brian Bosma, Ways & Means Chairman Tim Brown, M.D., Speaker Pro Tem Bill Friend, and Majority Caucus Chair Kathy Richardson
  • Lunch with Senator Patricia Miller, Chair, Senate Health and Provider Services Committee
  • Breakfast with Senator Luke Kenley, Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee

Learn more about supporting IHCPAC. 
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